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  • Publicación: Junio 2021
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Chemical thermodynamics and kinetics for life and environmental sciences

100 solved problems

Juan Antonio Anta , Sofía Calero , Alejandro Cuetos

This book is aimed at undergraduate students of natural applied sciences like biotechnology, biochemistry, environmental sciences, nutrition & dietetics, and related studies. The main idea is to present the basic concepts and tools in a simple, didactic but rigorous way, focusing on practical aspects of these important disciplines. Thus, the methodology is problem-solving oriented. In the text, each Chapter is preceded by a very brief theoretical introduction where the main definitions, fundamental laws and equations are presented. Following the introduction, the most important concepts are developed and illustrated via the detailed solution of a number of selected problems. Special attention is paid to specific topics with applications in biology, applied chemistry, environmental science, etc. The aim of this book is to provide the basic contents and skills required by an undergraduate student of higher education institutions where thermodynamics and kinetics are not the core of the training but are rather meant to be useful tools.

Introduction. General introduction. Basic definitions and the first law of thermodynamics. The second and the third laws of thermodynamics. Formal and statistical thermodynamics. Chemical potential and phase equilibria. Chemical equilibrium. Transport processes. Formal chemical kinetics. Molecular chemical kinetics. Thermodynamics of electrolytic solutions and electron-transfer reactions.